For modern businesses, "Ecuenta is" an all-in-one accounting ERP software

Accurate, effective, and simple to use. You can manage your company's finances with Ecuenta's suite of solutions. Companies, both big and small, are growing their business with the Ecuenta accounting ERP software. Ecuenta helps distributors and manufacturers streamline operations and take control of their business.
Key features of

Ecuenta ERP Accounting Software

Ecuenta Accounting Software
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Ecuenta Accounting Software
Chartered accountants, tax experts, and auditors may easily maintain and manage client data as well as client communications with the help of our accounting CRM.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
The POS system offers a strong front-end user experience with intuitive functionalities that may be reached with little to no navigation.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
To manage your inventory operations and increase revenue, use Ecuenta Inventory Management Software.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
You can generate and maintain anything using the payroll software, from employee data to project inquiries.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Warehouse Management
A warehouse management system (WMS) is primarily used to manage inventory storage and movement.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Budget Management
This bring about suggestions on suitable technology to transform your business.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Customer & Vendor Management
The Ecuenta vendor management system enhances supplier-buyer contact.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Purchase & Sales Management
All sales transactions are tracked using a document-based system called the sales management module.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Product Management
During your use of the product, you can make wise decisions using the information you gather about the things you buy, sell, or track.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Cash and Bank Management
By processing and analysing all bank and cash transactions.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Shipping management
nadequate communication between the office and the warehouse may result in incorrect shipments or delayed deliveries.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Bank Reconciliation
The Ecuenta bank reconciliation software module enables bank account and ERP software reconciliation.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Managing several currencies is really simple thanks to the Multi-Currency module
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Event Management
You may create and manage an infinite number of events, tasks, and event types with the Ecuenta event management module
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Double Entry Bookkeeping
The debit and credit sides of a double entry are both equal and corresponding.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Financial Reporting
Financial reports are periodic statements that outline a company's financial situation at a specific point in time.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
Human Resources
A complete Human Resource Management module is built into our ERP software and is available for all kinds of business activities

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Ecuenta ERP Software

Ecuenta is the first ZRA-certified and ZRA-integrated accounting software in Zambia. Our comprehensive bookkeeping software is quick, easy, and affordable, allowing you to conserve your most valuable resources, such as time and money. Ecuenta's cloud-based online accounting software will allow you to keep track of your finances simply and handily while also providing you with access from anywhere in the globe. Understand and manage your income and expenses to the best of your ability. Keep track of everything and integrate with other products like payroll, payments, and invoicing. Everything is automated and packaged to perfection. dashboards, reports, and visual analytics can be easily customized to provide a high-level overview or a detailed account of business activity.


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