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Ecuenta ERP System
Concerned about the ZRA regime's laws changing? Take advantage of the cloud accounting software offered by Ecuenta online ZRA to get ahead with compliance rules and quick solutions.
Ecuenta ERP System
Simplify and automate your NAPSA and NIHMA return filing with Ecuenta payroll software. Our software helps you in managing the returns for both NAPSA and NIHMA.
Ecuenta ERP System
PAYE TAX - Zambia
Ecuenta assists you in paye tax deductions. PAYE stands for Pay-As-You-Earn. It is the method of collecting Income Tax from employees on their earnings.
Ecuenta ERP System
Ecuenta supports payroll templates, which are pre-designed templates that help businesses and organizations streamline their payroll operations.
Ecuenta ERP System
Human Resources
You can customize your HRMS with Ecuenta accounting software. Keep track of employee lifecycle activities, automate tasks like reimbursement, and manage payroll data.
Ecuenta ERP System
Ecuenta is a genuine multi-company feature created to boost the effectiveness of your regular accounting procedures. This implies that various companies can be added and changed.
Ecuenta ERP System
Using Multi-currency accounting you may service clients from abroad and establish your company as an international.
Ecuenta ERP System
Cash and Bank Management
Company cash flows are monitored and reported using a cash management system. Able to view your account statements for every bank you use.
Ecuenta ERP System
Payment Gateways
Ecuenta facilitates online payments, authenticating and securely transmitting customer data among the parties within the transaction flow.
Ecuenta ERP System
Bank Reconciliation
Create reconciliation statements by matching the transactions on bank statements to the system's accounting ledger.
Ecuenta ERP System
Journal is the first book of entry where all the movement of money is recorded with a detailed description.
Ecuenta ERP System
View the whole ledger for all associated accounts. You can also see the accounting ledgers at various levels.
Ecuenta ERP System
Assets are anything tangible or intangible that adds value when owned by a business. Ecuenta supports Current Assets and Non-Current Assets.
Ecuenta ERP System
Accounting Reports
Ecuenta's report module offers business-related reports such as your balance sheet, trial balance, taxes, sales figures, purchases, inventory, attendance, and soon.
Ecuenta ERP System
Use Ecuenta accounting software to keep your inventories in line! Utilise our inventory management software to monitor stock levels and replace them.
Ecuenta ERP System
You can manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them, stock correction and generate reports to get better insights into warehouse management.
Ecuenta Accounting Software
All sales transactions are tracked using a document-based system called sales and marketing/procurement. The sales module allows business owners and entrepreneurs flexibility when placing orders, issuing invoices, taking payments from customers, and handling refunds.
Ecuenta ERP System
Ecuenta includes budget templates, so you may create goals to forecast how your business will perform, either by increasing your revenue or decreasing your expenses.
Ecuenta ERP System
Control your daily spending and keep an eye on your financial flow. Keep a record of your daily expenses.
Ecuenta ERP System
Production Management
An end-to-end ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus to help manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor.
Ecuenta ERP System
Project Management
Because it encompasses so many different variables, activities, and processes, accounting can be challenging. You can increase your productivity while ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks with the aid of the Ecuenta project management software.
Ecuenta ERP System
Our ticketing system collects and manages all customer support interactions from different platforms, including phone, email, and workflow, and resolves customer issues fast and effectively.
Ecuenta ERP System
Plan your event with an Ecuenta agenda for each day. Ensure that everyone attends the event and can update the follow-ups on the timeline without having to print or maintain changes across multiple spreadsheets.
Ecuenta ERP System
Working or just catching up with co-workers across your organization is easy with Ecuenta Chat. Quickly share ideas over messages, make a quick call and share screens, and follow up on tasks with reminders.
Ecuenta ERP System
Depending on your goal, you can opt for a basic layout, select from any of the saved templates that you've already created or choose a pre-designed template from our email template builder.
Ecuenta ERP System
Document Management
A single piece of software that gives you access to all of your inventory, receivables, and payables' dashboards, reports, and visualisations. You may make turn data into information, and develop a modern business strategy with the aid of Ecuenta.
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Ecuenta ERP System

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