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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Ecuenta is ZRA-compliant accounting software. Ecuenta is the first software to be certified by the Zambia Revenue Authority. It helps to generate ZRA-compliant invoices and ZRA Reports.

You can keep track of your books of accounts, create financial reports, and process and record your daily financial data using Ecuenta accounting software. Users of accounting software like Ecuenta may produce expert invoices, keep track of expenditures, connect bank accounts, and create real-time financial reports that aid in decision-making.

Accounting software can aid in the effective expansion of a small corporation. Business owners can save time by using accounting software that is simple to use and hassle-free. Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can utilise it. The business owner can make prompt judgements on how to cut costs if they have access to real-time information, such as your company's financial health and an overview of your top expenses.

It does not make sense to engage a professional accountant for your business given the abundance of low-cost software options available on the market for keeping your financial records. Everything an accountant would perform for your company can be accurately done by software like Ecuenta. Ecuenta assists you by keeping a list of your clients and suppliers and by giving you access to an updated financial report whenever you need it.

Any web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone will operate with Ecuenta. Small businesses may easily manage their operations, create invoices, schedule repeating bills, keep track of spending, track revenue streams, link bank accounts, and much more.

Completely. Both physically and electronically, our servers are secured. You and Ecuenta's communications are encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology.

No, as various software are available in the market for maintaining your financial records at low prices, it does not make sense to hire a professional accountant for your business. Softwares like Akounto can accurately do everything an accountant will do for your business. From maintaining the list of customers and vendors to providing you with an updated financial report whenever you want what Akounto serves you. .

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