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The smart, easy-to-use accounting software you need to run your business

The Ecuenta ERP system allows you to manage your accounting, inventory, CRM, service management, and more from one user-friendly interface.

Ecuenta Accounting

Inventory Management Software in Zambia

Easily keep track of your inventory and see which things sell quickly and which are about to expire. With Zambia's Best Inventory Management Software, you can invest in the correct inventory and make more money. An inventory management system is a method for keeping the correct stuff at the right levels in the right location at the right time for the right price. Inventory management software is a critical component of numerous activities as organizations become more difficult every day and there is so much to deal with. You can avoid wasting financial resources by using Ecuenta's well-researched inventory management system, which is integrated with our cloud-based accounting software.

Ecuenta Accounting

Role of a Warehouse Management Software

A warehouse management system (WMS) is primarily used to manage inventory storage and movement. The WMS keeps track of every stock item's movement, including when it's received, picked, packed, and delivered. A warehouse management system can be standalone software or a component of an enterprise resource planning (ERP), the system that integrates other integrated modules such as accounting, order management, inventory management, material requirements planning (MRP), customer relationship management (CRM), and more into a single system and data source.

Ecuenta Accounting

Point of Sale Software - POS Software

Ecuenta POS is a professionally built point-of-sale billing software system with a unique tax rate structure for quick and easy customer billing. You don't need to have a separate account book or customer datasheet because Ecuenta billing software has an integrated accounting system with inventory management and CRM. Detailed business reports aid in the analysis and understanding of your items, orders, and payments. Advanced reporting options are included in the POS software to assist you to get more control over sales, customer management, and inventory. User-friendly dashboards are also included in the point of sale software, which automates operations, improves accuracy, and gives you complete control over everything that happens at the sales counter.

Ecuenta Accounting

CRM For Accounting Software

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a method of recording and managing interactions with prospects, leads, and customers as they progress through the sales cycle. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a popular business tool because it allows companies to display and organize all of their customer information in one place. You may improve your business efficiency and production by merging your CRM and accounting software. CRM software automates processes, allowing firms to run more smoothly and efficiently. You and your staff may also develop these relationships at any time because all client interaction is saved in one location.